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Saturday, 25 April 2015

When worlds collide.

This week, I witnessed the stark disparity of thinking, that exists in the minds of our nations young women.

I saw two different examples of young women voicing their opinions on the cultures they have been raised in. One of these young women is a Muslim, the other (without trying to sound racist) a white Australian.

There could not have been a starker contrast between these two minds. One came across as a self appointed harbinger of radical feminism. The other has a much firmer grasp of the realities of the world she lives in.

So let me introduce them to you. Firstly we have Cassidy Boon. She put this article up on The Stately Harold. She is a twenty year old feminist calling for a ban on ANZAC day because it is sexist.

The second is Lamisse Hamouda. She had this article published in the Sydney Morning Herald. She is writing about sexist attitudes in Islamic education.

Lamisse put forward her arguments with sensitivity, authority and intelligence. Her voice is forward thinking, unifying and decries unscientific thinking.

Cassidy stands alone beating a broken drum that no right thinking person would march to. She dares to lecture us about history. Yet she speaks without any factual reference to history. Instead we get ranting misandry, devoid of intelligent thought and reason.

The stark contrast comes, when we realise that both of these women are writing about the same subject. Both of them spoke out, decrying antiquated patriarchal thinking and dominance. Yet their voices are glaringly different.

Only one of them gives us hope for the future of Australian womanhood.

If were at all possible. And oh how I hope it happens. I would pay good money to go see these two young women debate each other. Let's put them on the ABC's Q&A programme.

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