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Monday, 1 August 2016


Image courtesy of "xura" at FreeDigitalPhotos.net
Last year I started reading a book by Paula Munier titled "Writing with Quiet Hands"

More than anything else, it started me thinking about how we all write these days. We don't write with quiet hands, we write with noisy hurried hands, even now I sit here tapping away at a keyboard, my fingers furiously attempting to keep pace with my flow of thoughts. If I'm writing with a pen my hand is about twenty words behind my brain, struggling to keep up in case the thought vanishes,  and it all becomes illegible. That's how it almost always is.

This sparked me off onto doing Calligraphy for a bit of a hobby. It forces me to slow down, to think about each letter and word, to make each shape correctly, adhering to line and form. The results are pleasing, both to the eye and to the soul.

But this book also got me thinking about other matters. I started thinking about other words and how they reflect and react in our daily lives. I started thinking about; Simple, Quiet, Beauty. So I'm going to briefly examine each word, and then I'll stick it all together at the end.

SIMPLE.  Unadorned, Uncomplicated, Uncluttered, Without Commotion, Direct, Obvious, Clarity, Purity.

To write with simplicity, is to express much, while saying little. To follow simple rules of grammar. To use simple words. To achieve purity of expression. Simple words are easily remembered, and are long lasting.

QUIET. Stillness, Silence, Absence of Noise, Humble, Simple, Calm, Unannounced, Peaceful.

To write quietly, is to write with a humble pen. The words formed need no announcement, they speak for themselves. They do not need to be trumpeted forth. They draw the eye and do not assault the ear. Their echoes linger in soul and spirit.

BEAUTY. Attractive, Pleasing, Vibrant, Adds Adornment, Light, Enhancing.

To write with Beauty, every stroke of the pen has line and form. Like Japanese Calligraphy, every word is a picture, it has shape and meaning. The paper that bears the word is itself a piece of that art. Words that carry beauty are often found on their own. They need no sentence to give them meaning.

When words are written in simple, quiet, beauty, they need no fanfare. They rest on the page and draw the eye, not to themselves, but to their truths.

They do not declare their value, but invite us to draw from them.

They do not demand our attention, they offer us direction.

They do not ask a question, but invite us to stop and ponder.

They are trustworthy, filling us with confidence and hope. Truth is made evident.

They cannot lie, because that would make them ugly, noisy, ambiguous.

Here then, are three words of quiet, simple, beauty.