The main focus of this BLOG, is to uphold those simple, and clearly defined truths, that are so often missing from Christian life and conversation.
(There may also be the odd film or book review along the way as well as stories from my life)
If you wish to use material from these posts, you may do so, but please respect the work of the writer. Proper attribution, and accurate quoting that is faithful to the context is appreciated.

Thursday, 20 June 2013

Random Rants, Miscellaneous Musings, Conundrums and Cogitations.

Well here we are.
My first and introductory blog.
What can you, the reader, expect to find in future blogs from me?
Well, just about anything really.

I will post on a wide variety of subjects; Film, Music, Sport, Politics, more Sport, Books, TV, Family, Life (don't talk to me about life)*. The list is wide and varied. But it will usually come from a Christian viewpoint, for which I don't apologise. I may offer a Film Review just because I like the film, or it may be because there is a strong underlying message that I see in the film, which I will share with you.

A brief warning though, due to my upbringing and my brain that seems to like firing on random thoughts at any moment, you can expect off the cuff (and off the wall) references from; Monty Python, The Goon Show, Douglas Adams (*above) and any other strange thought that enters my mind, (nothings entering my mind). See I did it again, this time from Back to the Future. Generally I blame my parents for this and the constant diet of British TV and Radio comedy I was fed in my formative years. I will just say I enjoyed every tasty morsel. I savour it still.

Sometimes on this site, which is the real reason I'm doing this, I will simply be writing. It may be in the form of a poem, maybe a mini sermon (because no-ones inviting me to come preach in their church) a bit of theology whatever. If you want to invite me to come and speak in your church that's cool also.

My opinions are my own. Not that of my church or anyone else. If you want to borrow or quote from me that's fine as long as you give me a bit of credit for it. If you use what I've written to develop a message that's cool, or you could just ask me to come speak in your church.

Feel free to leave a comment, you can agree or disagree, but this is not the forum for your own long winded opinion. If you want to do that you can start your own blog, it's free.
If you get abusive or leave unsavoury comments, you'll just get removed.

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